Here’s a step-by-step list of what you need to do to get a house ready for sale. These tips will make your move easier and your home more appealing to potential buyers.


1. Un-Personalize the Home

Remove pictures or other items specific to your family.

Put essentails that you’ll need every day in a separate, accessible box.

Remove or replace built-in items that you want to take to your new home. If these items are still in the house when people start scoping it out, it could require clarification.

2. De-Clutter

Trash or donate what you don’t need anymore.

Clear off your kitchen counters, nightstands, coffee tables, etc.

Consider renting a storage unit.

3. Organize “Snooping Hot Spots” 

Align items in your kitchen and bathroom cabinets.

Alphabtize collections of DVDs, music, spices, etc.

Organize your closet. People will definitely be peeking in your closet.

4. Make Simple Repairs

Paint loud rooms in the house a neutral or agreeable color.

Fix any leaky faucets.

Address the doors that creak and the drawers that jam.

5. Clean Up! 

Wax your hardwood floors and steam clean your carpets. Clean your floors daily during sale process.

Dust furniture, fixtures, and those hard-to-reach spaces that you generally overlook.

In the bathroom, re-caulk around the tub and sink. Polish metal handles and spouts.

6. Spruce Up Outside – Curb Appeal!

Mow and maintain your lawn.

Clean your windows and pressure wash the home exterior.

Trim shrubbery around the house.
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How to Get a House Ready For Sale [Infographic] by HouseHunt