If our house has a small living room, we should consider some tips to decorate it so that the space is functional and comfortable.

This environment behaves as the center of the house, where members interact and relax, so we must pay attention to the arrangement of elements and decoration, maximizing space with which we counted.

In a small living room, the colors should not be intense or dark, light shades are ideal to provide space and light. If you do not want to paint the walls of pure white, we can choose shades like ivory or pale yellow are great for this environment and provide warmth.

As for the furniture we choose to decorate a small living room which really use, not overloaded with unnecessary elements space and unhelpful. Often it is not necessary to place a large sofa that occupies half the place, which can replace chairs and comfortable seats that are smaller and give the possibility to move from site according to different occasions.

In general, try to arrange the furniture in the living room is composed of small pieces of similar size, small, low and neutral colors, which visually expand the room. They are also very useful furniture that has more than one function, such as the case of the couches or tables instead of internal storage.

The order is very important when we want to save space. To have organized living is desirable to have a shelf or library where to place CDs, books and decorative items, so they are not scattered everywhere and cause a state of chaos.

Finally, in an environment of reduced dimensions, position sliding glass doors is an excellent choice, since they divide environments letting the light and take up much less space than traditional doors. To give some life is important to put some plants, will give a touch of color and will be a focal point of the room.