WEDOWEE--Randolph County Commission tabled discussion of the county's subdivision regulations as they plan to meet with the county attorney about the regulations and those who have violated them.

During the Thursday workshop meeting, realtor Gene Crouch asked the commission if developers should be looking at the older subdivision regulations or newer ones. He said, "The new ones don't sound very effective, so it's frustrating... The county isn't enforcing their standards."


Commission Chairman Larry Roberts said the county is still planning and looking at other counties' regulations. He said, "My opinion is, if we aren't enforcing them, throw them out."

Commissioner Lathonia Wright asked Crouch what he thinks the county should do.

"You're not enforcing them and people are doing what they want to," said Crouch. "Let them (developers) put a gravel road, but make sure it's in the documents. The regulations are too stringent."

Commissioner Terry Lovvorn noted, "We haven't been asked to approve a subdivision since I've been on the commission. We either need to enforce it or do away with it all together... If there's one not in compliance with the 2007 rules, we need to deal with it. We need to send the engineer out (to look) and get with the proper authorities."

Crouch responded, "We need a more user-friendly document that makes sense. The HOA (home owners association) is responsible for the roads. Your biggest concern is 'buyer beware'... Let's do something that's flexible for y'all to live with and enforce."

"We need to impose the penalties," said Wright. "As long as they get away with it, they'll get away with it."

During Monday's meeting, the commission met in executive session for about 15 minutes. After the executive session they said someone is in violation of the regulations and they will bring that information to the county attorney.

Scenic River Trail

The commission approved a resolution for the Alabama Scenic River Trail Association, which includes the endorsement and support of the commission in the addition of the Little Tallapoosa River to the Alabama Scenic River Trail.

During Thursday's workshop meeting, President Fred Couch gave a presentation to the commission saying, "I'm here not to ask for money, but to bring you money."

He said there are 45 places in the state now to rent canoes and kayaks so it would be a moneymaking opportunity for someone. The average amount spent by visiting kayakers and paddlers is $88 per day. The Alabama Scenic River Trail representatives met with 25 landowners on the Little Tallapoosa River. The purpose was to ask for campsites for paddlers, a place people cannot drive to except the landowners. There are already 20 campsites on the Big Tallapoosa.

Appalachian District director Joann Ninesling said all the association needs from the county is information about property owners, rights of way, etc. One landowner has agreed to allow campsites already.

(For more from the Randolph County Commission see the April 15 issue of The Randolph Leader, print or e-edition.)