WEDOWEE--Randolph County Commission Chairman Larry Roberts said he met with new Revenue Commissioner Pam Taylor and saw the legitimate concerns with the revenue office's computer system, as it does not communicate within the department. He has talked with other counties about the issues they face. Roberts said Taylor can manage a change in computer systems in her budget. One company they are looking at would cost $3,300 per month for three years. Commission administrator Cindy Arrington said the office may need to go through the bid process for this. The commission tabled hiring a chief clerk for the revenue commissioner's office. Roberts explained that this would not be a new hire, but moving existing employees around. Arrington has to check with the examiners on this because the employees are paid out of different funds. Air Evac Missy Welborn of Air Evac visited the commission during their workshop meeting. She told them that all of the municipalities in the county are contributing to citizens' memberships, so what remains is the population in the rural parts of the county. Welborn encouraged the commissioners to look into this, as Air Evac can work with the commission on a monthly or quarterly basis. Commissioner Richard Fetner asked what would happen if a different helicopter came for a patient, and Welborn said it would not be in their membership program, but said 95 percent of the flights are by Air Evac. During the meeting, Commissioner Lathonia Wright said he believes this is a good program, but it would cost the county more than $50,000. Commissioner Terry Lovvorn said he has had people ask him about it, but it is not in the budget. Fetner motioned that it be tabled and they look into it further. LED lighting Buddy Floyd spoke with the commission about saving the county money on lighting bills. He said his LED Solution's fees come from the county's savings. The survey is free. Robert Jones said they do assessments, show the costs, make proposals and offer numerous ways to finance it. Jails are using lights 24 hours per day, so the more you use, the more you save. Plus, LED lighting is better with security cameras. He said about 40 percent of your power bill is for lights, and they can save 70 percent of that 40 percent. "Every one we do is cash-flow positive," he said. "We guarantee the savings and the fixtures." Jeff Kaufman said they typically use the same fixtures and retrofit them. Jones also noted that thermostats may be controlled by a laptop or iPad. The thermostats may be changed for events and holidays. This improvement can come with the LED lighting. The commission approved having LED Solution do an assessment of county buildings. RCSO and jail Cofield said they have recently spent $6,245 in repairs to the jail, mostly plumbing, but some lighting. It's still a far cry from what the health inspector wants done to the facility, he said. The inspector wants each cell to have hot water. It's still not in every sink, but is in every block. Cofield said an estimate a while back was for $350,000 to $400,000 to replumb the jail. Fetner said they have to look for a way to finance a new jail. Wright Wright said he has received input from citizens who want him to run for re-election. He prayed about it and asked his church members to also, and Wright said he has decided to run one more time. He has been on the commission 25 years next month. (For more from the Randolph County Commission see the October 28 issue of The Randolph Leader, print or e-edition.)