The right strategy can be a game-changer. Here, four personal health coaches share quick tips that can improve your life immediately.



Hydrate when you wake up 


“Squeeze a wedge of lemon in water first thing in the morning. Not only will it help rehydrate your body, but it makes contributing to your health one of the first actions of your day.”






Change how you talk to yourself


“Questions like ‘Why do I always...?’ or ‘Why can't I ever…?' only perpetuate the feeling of being stuck—and no one enjoys being stuck. Instead, recommit to moving forward, with questions like ‘What makes this change important to me?’ or ‘What about this change makes me feel good?’”






Add one healthy food at a time


“Pick one unhealthy food or drink you consume regularly and replace it with something better for you. For example, if you drink soda daily, swap it for herbal tea. You won’t feel as deprived if you focus on a single change.”







Act like a scientist


“Think of behavior change as an experiment. When you set goals, review them from time to time and ask yourself what went well, what didn’t work, what needs to shift and what you learned. From this viewpoint, obstacles aren’t failure—they’re learning opportunities.”