On the hunt for a gift for someone celebrating her first Mother’s Day as a mama? We’ve got some suggestions.

For the sweet occasion, we’ve rounded up gifts to give to anyone who deserves some love on her first Mother’s Day. Though they’re not all reserved for only first-time moms on their first big day, we think they’ll especially appreciate them. Check out the gift ideas below:

$28, Kelley’s Collections on Etsy

$12, Newbees on Etsy

$12+, Ellie Lou Mugs on Etsy

$18, Maley Designs on Etsy

$34, Homes and Weddings on Etsy

$8, The Lettered Violet on Etsy

$10.50+, Burke + Elliott on Etsy

$15.99, Block & Hammer on Etsy (there’s a coffee one, too!)

$10, RedFrogTradingCo on Etsy

$18+, Love You A Latte Shop on Etsy

$20, MotherDaughterJewel on Etsy

$8.95, YouAlphabetcha on Etsy