10 Unusual Ways to Get Rid of Flies

Flies are possible the most annoying things that can come into our house. And it seems like when they enter, they don’t ever want to leave. Instead of chasing them around with a fly swatter and seeing how many you can whack, try some of these unusual ideas to get rid of the pests!

Keep Out Light

By closing the blinds and curtains, you can control where the flies go. Cover your windows and make only one exit out that is at the brightest part. Not all, but some of the flies will follow the light and leave your house!

Apple Cider Vinegar

This idea is said to be highly effective. Put some apple cider vinegar at the bottom of a jar, poke holes big enough for flies to get through in the lid, and then put the jar wherever the flies are gathering. Flies will go into the jar but won’t be able to get back out!

Homemade Flypaper

If you don’t want to run to the store or spend money, just make your own homemade flypaper. With a paper bag, some sugar, and a little honey you can make some flypaper that isn’t a complete eyesore!

Lavender Oil

Everyone likes lavender, except for flies apparently. Put some oil on a cloth and rub the areas around the entrances in your house. The oil will keep some flies from entering but will need to be applied often.

Onion Juice

This is a little less pleasing than lavender oil, but onion juice works as a fly repellent as well. It can take a bit of effort to get the juice out of the onion, but it does the job, so it’s worth it.


Here’s a great idea to ward off flies and beautify your home! Plant mints in pots and place them around the doors and windows of your home. It won’t keep away all the flies, but it’s a simple solution to the problem.


If you love crafty and arranging flowers then here’s an idea for you. Mix eucalyptus, bay leaves, cloves and clover blossoms and put them in a bag. Hang it up where the flies gather, and you’ll see it start working quickly!

Hand Soap Trap

This is a simple solution that requires materials that you probably already have at home. Put an inch of hand soap and an inch of water in a dish. Make sure to use fruit scented soap in order to attract as many flies as possible.


Apparently, flies like wine as much as some people do! Pour wine in bowls and place them where the flies gather. Soon, you’ll see them begin to gather and get stuck!

Cayenne Pepper

Mix some cayenne pepper and water in a spray bottle and squirt it around entrances into your house. The mixture will repel lots of flies and help keep your home clear and clean!